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Yoga Teachers



Myda El-Maghrabi

Even after practicing yoga for over 10 years, Myda never thought she’d end up a teacher. She began to consider it as a path when she was studying acupuncture. Observing patients in her first year, she realized how disconnected people felt from their own bodies and disempowered in their own healing. After constantly recommending patients to yoga, she decided to leave acupuncture and devote herself to teaching. Myda received her first 200-hour in 2009 at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Vinyasa. However, having for years been drawn to the beautiful, life-affirming practice of Anusara, she returned to her beloved teacher, Tara Glazier and completed her Level 1 Teacher Training at Abhaya Yoga in 2010, six years after her first Anusara Immersion. She has advanced her training in therapeutics with Martin Kirk and workshops with Anusara’s founder, John Friend, and continues to study with Tara, Eric Stoneberg, and Elena Brower. She is forever indebted to the practice of yoga and its amazing teachers for all she has been given and hopes she can share it with those who will join her in the path of growth, laughter, life and love.





What began as a means of maintaining balance in her education career transformed into a passion as Susie explored various styles and realized the many benefits of yoga and meditation. After teaching Elementary School for over five years, and practicing yoga for over half of her life, she decided to further pursue her passion by completing the 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training at The Yoga Room in January of 2012. In April of 2014 and 2015, she traveled to Costa Rica and became certified in The Barkan Method Level II/III Hot Vinyasa. She is currently working towards her 500 hour certification with Master Teacher, Jimmy Barkan. Her classes are sensitive to different students’ levels and needs and incorporate her love for music. She challenges you to explore your potential, embrace where you are, and welcome what the practice brings to you.



Lisa Barelli

Lisa went to yoga classes for many years before finding yoga as a practice, when she started taking Anusara-inspired classes in 2004. A precise focus on healthy alignment and a truly uplifting philosophy made the practice a part of her life, both on and off the mat. She continued her studies in earnest at the World Yoga Center in 2006, immersing in the physical practice and beginning a meditation practice. She completed WYC’s Anusara Immersions I-III in 2009 and Teacher Training in 2010. Lisa is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour registered yoga teacher and has studied extensively with WYC Director and longtime meditation teacher Rudrani Farbman Brown and senior Certified Anusara Teacher Jackie Prete, including therapeutic applications of yoga. Lisa has supplemented her studies in anatomy and therapeutics with Ellen Saltonstall and in meditation with Swami Shankarananda of Melbourne, Australia (formerly of Brooklyn). Lisa creates a nurturing environment in her classes, both in the precision of her alignment instructions and the care with which she addresses her students’ inner experience. Teaching yoga allows her to actively and regularly honor the light of Awareness that lives in all of us, and for this, Lisa offers gratitude to all her teachers, students and mentors alike.



Robyn Love

Robyn Love is a RYT-500 in the Krishnacharya/Desikachar tradition, a breath-centered practice that is best known for its therapeutic uses.  Her teachers in this lineage are Guta Hedewig, Chase Bossart and Dolphi Wertenbaker.  Robyn also studies and practices Ashtanga yoga with Constanza and Arthur Roldan.  It was on her trips to India as part of her visual art training that Robyn first encountered Vedic and Buddhist philosophy, which lead to her taking up yoga in 2000.  She believes that yoga offers us an opportunity to take up a lifelong mind/body practice that is endlessly challenging and fascinating - a practice that is without boundaries if we allow it to be that way.  Robyn also is a formal student in the Mountains and Rivers Order of Zen Buddhism.



Liam Machlin

Liam discovered Tai Chi at the age of eighteen. He was originally interested in Tai Chi as a martial art but soon found that Tai Chi also includes, Qi Gong, a yoga-like Chinese meditation that improves mental focus, physical strength and flexibility.About six years ago Liam also started practicing Yoga and noticed the similarities between the practices. He decided to combine the benefits that each practice has to offer.Liam is a devoted teacher who shares enthusiasm to work harder and with greater confidence. His goal is to offer his students the traditions, techniques, relaxation, and health that he has attained through Tai Chi and Yoga. Liam is a certified Tai Chi instructor by Master Jesse Tsao (12th Generation Chen style lineage) of Tai Chi HealthWays, San Diego CA. Liam is a certified Qi Gong instructor by Master Tina Zhang of Wu Tang Physical Culture Association.



Christopher Hildebrandt

Christopher was authorized to teach by the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He has received a second authorization from R. Sharath, Guruji’s grandson, and has been certified to teach by Manju Jois, Guruji’s son. Chris has made 10 trips to Mysore, India, from 1996 to 2009. In addition to studying with Guruji, he continued his training in Sanskrit language and literature, which he began in 1997 at Brown University. His long-time teacher and friend in India is Dr. M. A. Jayashree. During the last 16 years Chris has taught in Belgrade and Ladakh, has taught 8-year-olds, 70-year-olds, expecting mothers, and chair-bound students. He’s eager to use his experience to bring the tremendous benefits of yoga to anyone who wants to learn. He tries to keep the first and last rules of yoga, that none be harmed, that all be happy!



Farhana Haque

A native of Astoria, Queens, Farhana found yoga as a therapeutic means to deal with a neck injury. It was through her vinyasa practice that she was able to heal, but also found herself attracted to yoga’s spiritual teachings. After realizing asanas’ deeper effects, Farhana decided to deepen her practice and bring yoga to others, by becoming a teacher, receiving her 200-hour certification through the Giving Tree Yoga Studio in 2012. The following year, she decided to advance her studies with Will Duprey, specializing in classical Hatha yoga concepts. Through her studies with Will, she has found herself drawn to pranayama and meditation, as well as a new view on asana practice. Farhana assists yogis in breaking free of limitations of the mind, while bringing awareness to energetic effects of their practice.



Maggie Bennet

As a dancer, Maggie first approached Yoga as a way to supplement her training. After many years she began to realize that the affects of her practice were changing more than just the physical. Walking away from class with a clear mind and steady heart, lead her to teacher training under the direction of Jen Whinnen at Three Sisters Yoga. With six years of training in somatic practices, Maggie creates classes that focus on efficiency in movement, re-organization of habitual patterns in the mind/body and developing a clear awareness of our full selves. As a teacher and student, Yoga is a way to build strength as an individual and carry that knowledge into a community.



Olga Hardie

I've always found joy in movement, starting with gymnastics, later acquiring a black belt in karate, & running in the NYC Marathon. Yet, I longed for something to help me live life on a deeper level. This was unknown to me at the time, initially being mostly concerned with the physical aspects of yoga. However, I soon experienced the transforming effects that follow mediation and a diligent yoga practice...and I was hooked! I was drawn to Anusara yoga from my very first class because of its precise alignment & inspirational themes . My hunger for more knowledge & passion for helping others led me to Abhaya Yoga for a 200-hour teacher training with Tara Glazier. I also earned a pre-natal certification from Kula Heart Yoga under the guidance of Sue Elkin. In addition, I have been working as a Physician Assistant for over 18 years delivering babies for a major NYC hospital. I continue to remain fascinated by the miracle of creation & spirituality and am quite obsessed with the powerful effects of yoga. I would love to share this passion & obsession with you so that you can feel more at ease in your own skin & live a more joyful life !/p>



Baron Daniel

With an Associate’s degree in Philosophy and his 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate, Baron instructs a style of Vinyasa that aims to not only challenge the practitioner but also take what they’ve learned on the mat and use it in their everyday life for their physical and mental well-being. He emphasizes the importance of form in yoga as a physical practice since a proper form is the foundation to reach our full potential. A structure without a strong foundation will not be sound; strength can’t be built and prana will not flow. Thus, his teaching focuses on and consists of comprehensive instructions and assists on how to get into and hold a form properly. Although he initially started yoga simply as a physical practice and his teaching often focuses on the importance of the physical aspect, he has learned through his practice to better manage/ cope with hardships in his life, and to be mindful of, connect with, and love all beings. With his passion in teaching and sharing his practice, Baron encourages and hopes to help his students achieve their goals at all levels.

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